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Welcome Myanmar customer S want ice bucket

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Myanmar customer S and A, there's an interesting thing. When I saw them first, I thought they are sweet couple, but then reception towards the end,I got to take a photo with them and know it they were brother and sister.They are impressed by our warmly welcome,so that they did not leave their home.S wanted to buy some ice bucket and bar lamp to decorate his shop and at the same time want to push our bar supplies to some of his customers, because he also wanted to shop in Guangzhou, so take a look at our factory. We have told us this week before the news and will call the factory the next day after arriving in China. Before the arrival of the customer, I have prepared the relevant quotations and product details, but also prepared some tea. The official meeting is at 3 pm the next day, all the staff of the office are lined up to welcome the arrival of customers. 
ice bucket samples and customer
Because we have the bottom of the ice bucket with a waterproof function, you can also colorful gradient, ice bucket can also customize the color, the customer is very fond of that in his country are not my Secretary this waterproof ice bucket, will be able to attract more customers To buy. And our bar lamp has three gear switch, you can adjust the intensity of light, you can render the customer store atmosphere, you can also charge, re-use. Moreover, our price is also within the customer target price.
At the end of day,we have a good dinner together.I sincerely know it was a nice day for them.

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